Traffic Tom

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Explanation for "Traffic Tom"

Go on an adventurous journey by playing the game Trafic Tom. By helping Tom on his motorcycle journey, you have to improve his skills by completing challenging road missions so that he can earn more money so that he can upgrade his motorcycle. Help Tom in traffic!

"Traffic Tom" How to Play

Focus on the mission to complete the challenging road missions. You will need time to complete the task. If you hit the roadside or a car, your time will be reduced. You will need more time to get up to speed again. If you manage to pass near the cars, you will gain time. Watch out for high-traffic areas and cars that change lanes.

Your progress along the way depends on completing missions. When you complete each task, you will pass a chapter. You can upgrade your motorcycle with money; however, you need to reach the required number of sections to buy a new motorcycle.

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