Train 2048

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Explanation for "Train 2048"

The 2048 game has never been this fun. You are in control of this train. With Train 2048, you will go to beautiful places as you win. Start the game to feed this nostalgic coal-fired train with coal. You will see that the train moves as you combine it.

Using boosters you can make big combinations and thus speed up the train even more.

"Train 2048" How to Play

Match the same numbers as in the classic 2028 game and get them to merge.

Guide the blocks entering the playing field from top to bottom. You must merge by bringing the matching numbers on top of each other or side by side. The train will move at each join.

There are also boosters in the game.
Bomb : By throwing the bomb in a desired area, you can make the blocks in the area explode.
Balloon : use it to remove blocks that prevent you from combining.

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