Truck Trials

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Explanation for "Truck Trials"

This racing game not only gives you the courage to go fast but also asks you to try to be as skilled as you can while doing it. There are many obstacles that you have to crush, drive, jump over or go under. If you're having some serious anger management issues, this is probably the best racing game. Just smash a few cars, blast the high fly barrels, you will feel relaxed and happy again. It's that simple.

But you have to limit outbreaks like this with this truck racing game. Doing this with your hatchback in real life may not be a good idea. And don't forget to collect as many bonus bags as possible as you smash, jump and speed through the various levels. These will eventually give you extra points that you add to your total score.

The object of the game is to finish each of the 20 unique trial race levels with a maximum score and of course three stars. Keep in mind that each new vehicle you unlock will be slightly faster than the previous one if you weren't able to reach three stars in the previous levels. So why not try the already beaten levels with a new truck and earn more points?

This truck racer will blow you away with fantastic levels, brute force and an iconic Heavy Metal soundtrack to get you in the right mode to crush materials!

"Truck Trials" How to Play

Get in the awesome monster truck, crush the obstacles and reach the finish line as fast as you can! It's all about your driving skills in this cool side scrolling truck challenge. Pack your star bags and navigate your way through rough terrain. Unlock new and better vehicles and be careful not to take too much damage - otherwise it's game over! Can you rank at the top of the leaderboard?

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