Vex 6

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Explanation for "Vex 6"

VEX 6 is the latest release in this stickman platform game series. As in previous versions, you have to skillfully control the stickman to overcome challenging and deadly obstacles. You have to act quickly and at the right time. Observing the obstacles on the platform and then making the right move is like solving a clever puzzle. Play VEX 6 and enjoy high resolution and 60fps.

"Vex 6" How to Play

Use the Arrow keys or WASD keys on the keyboard to move your character. On mobile, use the left/right arrow buttons on the screen and Skip/Scroll.

Use WASD or ARROW keys to move, run, jump, crouch and wall-climb in Vex 6. You have to act fast and at the right time to pass the challenging and deadly obstacles. The game starts over when you hit deadly traps. However, you will see green flags inside the platform. These points are checkpoints. If the stickman dies, you will continue to play from the last green flag you passed.

Don't forget to collect coins to buy different skin of your stickman. Also play the game every day to get your daily bonus. You also earn money when you complete your daily tasks.

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