World Cup Fever

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Explanation for "World Cup Fever"

Play World Cup Fever and fight to lift the trophy in the championship match by leading your team to the finals of the world championship. Join the tournament by choosing your team and three characters to fight. Become the world cup champion by winning a total of seven matches, four of which are knock-outs, quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals. Get ready for the championship match that will break out.

Play World Cup Fever game and show your football skills!

"World Cup Fever" How to Play

Choose your team and then choose your players. Hold and drag to move your players in ninety-second matches. You can drag your men wherever you want to hit the ball or defend. Your player will gain acceleration according to the distance you drag. You have to be faster than the opponent players. In case of a draw after ninety seconds, the scorer wins.

The closer you get to the championship, the more active and challenging your opponents will be.

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