Worms Zone a Slithery Snake


Description of "Worms Zone a Slithery Snake":

Worms Zone is a game with a dynamic storyline. Now start raising the worm. Worms are true gourmets. They love to try out the various gelatinous beauties and everything they meet on their route. Create the biggest worm by taking all the food you come across and the features of the game.

It does not prevent you from advancing from your own body; but don't hit other worms and arena walls. If there is a worm hitting you, a warning text will appear and you will have a chance to grow faster by eating the food left from the worm that touched you.

So, do you dare to grow faster thanks to your opponents by surprising them and causing them to burn?

Play the game and break records and participate in daily and weekly rankings of the best players in the world.

How to play "Worms Zone a Slithery Snake" game:

You can steer from your computer with the mouse and press the left mouse button to enable fast progress. On mobile devices, you can steer with one hand and tap the screen with a second finger for fast forwarding.

Potions in the game add various properties to your worm.

What do "Worms Zone a Slithery Snake" potions do?

Magnet : The potion, which is in the thin, long potion bottle and is active with the magnet mark on the screen when it is picked up, increases the capture radius of anything that can be found in the arena. So you have a chance to gather more food.
x5 : The elixir, which is in the round potion bottle and is active with the x5 mark on the screen when taken, increases the food eaten score 5 times and makes your worm grow faster.
Radar : The potion, which is in the bow-shaped potion bottle and is active with the radar antenna sign on the screen when taken, shows the places where the worms collide with red dots on the map located in the upper right corner of the screen. It allows you to grow faster with the remnants of the striking worm that removes these points.
Speed Up : The potion in the square potion bottle, which is active with double arrows on the screen, increases the speed of your worm. Your worm moves faster.
Increasing Ability : The potion, which is in the round and center hole potion bottle and is active with the combined double arrow on the screen, increases the maneuverability of the worm and prevents collisions.
Screen Magnification : The potion, which is yellow in the round-sided potion bottle and is active with a lens mark on the screen, allows you to see more areas on the arena.

When the game is over by hitting a worm or arena wall, you can start the game again with half of your points by sacrificing some of the gold you have collected or watching an advertisement.

You can also change the shape and color of your worm according to the level you are in and the gold you collect.


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