Impostor Archer War

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Explanation for "Impostor Archer War"

Play Impostor Archer War and join the battle to show off your archery skills. An enjoyable battle for two. It's a nice game strategically strategized with power-ups while shooting arrows from platforms of equal size with your opponent. Use your skills to shoot strategic arrows as you try to dodge your opponent's arrows.

"Impostor Archer War" How to Play

The object of the game is to shoot arrows at the right time and with the right power-ups to shoot and eliminate enemy spies. You have to watch your opponent well and dodge their arrows by watching every arrow he shoots. When you are sure that you are safe, make a move against your opponent.

You will be able to buy power-ups with different purposes and different damage effects with money.

Triple Arrow: Increase your chances of hitting your opponent by shooting three arrows in one shot.
Rock Arrow: Where you shoot the arrow to trap your opponent behind the platform and narrow the escape area, a rock is formed that your opponent cannot pass over.
Fiery Arrow: When you hit your opponent with a fiery arrow, your opponent starts to burn for a while and loses life as long as it burns.
Teammate: The teammate has low health and attack speed and only deals moderate damage.
Lightning Arrow: With this buff, your opponent will be struck by lightning for a short time.

You can also purchase one of ten different avatars to improve your avatar.

Impostor Archer War game consists of thirty chapters. Clear your spaceship from enemies by completing all levels.

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