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Explanation for "PAPER.IO 2"

Experience the excitement of the new version of game. Gain new territories and defeat your enemies. Each player starts with a small island, growing by adding new areas. You are safe in your own field; but your enemies shouldn't touch your tail while gaining space. If it's time to destroy an enemy, catch his tail and finish his job.

"PAPER.IO 2" How to Play

Computer mouse and keyboard (WASD / cursor keys)
By tapping the screen on mobile devices.

Use the controls to steer your plotter that is constantly moving.

When starting the game, you start with a small area. Your goal is to gain more space than your enemies. You will see the ranking in the upper right corner of the game. The first king wears the crown.

You shouldn't touch your own queue while gaining new domains. Focus on growing your area without enemies catching your tail. If you can catch the tail of your enemies, do not hesitate to finish it. Play the game and conquer all areas. Be the king!

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