Frankenstein Go

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Explanation for "Frankenstein Go"

Frankenstein needs your help to save his girlfriend from the forces of evil!

Frankenstein wants to save his girlfriend, but to do so he must solve tricky puzzles and sneak past fearsome enemies. Climb stairs, jump over obstacles and open doors to progress through beautiful but scary levels. On his journey, you will meet many friends who will help you rescue your girlfriend if you help them find her lost items. As soon as you return their stolen goods, they will most likely give you a key, which obviously opens up many closed doors to explore! Collect magical potions on your journey and unlock stunning new skins for Frankenstein to impress his girlfriend!

Are you ready to help Frankenstein and join the scariest yet most surprising adventure of this year?

"Frankenstein Go" How to Play

Steer Frankenstein using the arrow keys. Do not approach scary beings. Find ways to get past them. Collect potions and lives.

Some steps you need to do will be reminded to you during the game.

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