Plug Run Race

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Explanation for "Plug Run Race"

Plug Run Race is a fun mini-game with a well-designed track in each section. Use your plug-head man to dodge obstacles on the course. The plug man runs along the track with his head ahead. You must move at the right time to the moving sockets in the obstacles that you can jump by plugging in. Complete the course before your opponent and place his head on the final socket.

"Plug Run Race" How to Play

Press and hold to make your plug-head man run. While running on a fun track full of sockets and obstacles, your goal is to stay ahead of your opponent and be the first to place his head in the last socket.

You must place your head by making moves at the right time to the rotating or moving socket sockets, and try to move forward without getting stuck with various other obstacles. You can gain significant advantages by taking the boosters on the track.

You can buy new chip head skins with the coins you collect.

Play Plug Run Race and have fun in an energetic game!

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