Stair Race 3D

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Explanation for "Stair Race 3D"

Ladder Racing 3D game is a game where you have to be fast to build stairs against tough opponents. You must collect the stair boards to build the stairs that connect multiple platforms and cross the platforms to reach the top.

"Stair Race 3D" How to Play

You must collect the ones in your color from the boards scattered on the platform. You must place the boards you have collected by going to the ladder, if you climb enough steps, you will reach the next platform.

Collecting more than you need on each platform will be a waste of time. Therefore, it would be useful to take a look at the remaining number of digits.

That's not all. Your opponent, who collects more boards than you, can hit you and knock you down. In this case, you will have dropped all the boards on your back. If you are fast, you can knock your opponent down and gain a big advantage.

Success in the game will also unlock new characters and boards.

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