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Explanation for "Bridge"

Play Bridge, a mind sport, and use your leverage to achieve your big goals. Try to set the trump card by setting big goals for yourself. Follow the cards and play the highest card to reach your goal.

"Bridge" How to Play

Bridge is a four player card game played in partnership.

Each player is dealt 13 cards. The cards are arranged in your hand as red and black.

The game of bridge first begins with the bidding phase. At this stage, players bid the minimum number of tricks they can take to win the hand. The numbers are from 1 to 7. He also chooses to play one of the card symbols or without the trump to determine the trump.

Then the bidding continues clockwise. The selected number can be increased by other players or they can pass by saying. Thus, the number of tricks and the trump are determined.

The person who declares the game aims to win 6 more than the number of tricks he has chosen.

Within a team, the ace takes the highest rank, followed by the king, queen, leg, and then ten up to two. The player who plays the highest ranked card wins the hand. However, in a hand with a trump suit, cards of that suit are superior to any of the cards of any other suit.

The person who throws the first card chooses the trick color and the card symbol. If other players have cards of the same color and symbol, they play from existing cards. If there are no cards of the same color and symbol, they can play any card they want.

The player who does not have a card of the same color and symbol as the trick, wins if he plays trumps and no one plays a higher card.

At the end of the hand, if the declarer couple has taken at least as many tricks as they have committed, they score a certain number of points. However, if they fail to achieve their goal, the other pair scores.

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