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Explanation for "" is a struggle for survival where you are born as a housefly and can grow up to a hawk, a bat, and a dragon. You have to improve yourself by eating and avoid monsters that reduce your health. It is a very fun and challenging .io game.

"" How to Play

You have to complete an evolution from house fly to dragon. The foods that change at each development stage are available on the platform, you need to find these foods and grow. You have the food you can eat, the next improvement points, your oxygen level and water level on the screen. You will see that your oxygen decreases when you fly too high. For this reason, you should not fly high for a long time and stay in the blue sky. As you are dehydrated, you must find water resources.

One of the most important rules of the game is to escape from dangerous monsters. You will see that these dangerous monsters glow in red and your food glows green.

Houseflies, butterflies, mosquitoes, wasps, dragonflies, pigeons, duck, hawk, raven, mad bat are some of the species you will gain by developing.

Every time you press the up button on the computer, you will fly. Use the arrow keys to go left and right. On mobile devices, you can use the keys that appear on the screen.

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