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Explanation for "Fuzzies"

The colorful, furry and cute Fuzzies lived happily in their village Fuzzies. One day, the pale-looking villain in the castle wants to crush the Yumos with his brutal compression machine and take over their color. Help the Fuzzies against this enemy invading the Fuzzies and save them from the crushing machine.

Nice effects and fun sounds
Game machine
Fluffy Fuzzies
Easy to learn controls
Suitable for all ages

"Fuzzies" How to Play

Save the Yumos and help them escape from the brutal crushing machine! Combine at least 3 Fuzzies of the same color and try to save them all.

By doing four combos in a row, you will gain bombs or rainbow effects. When used, the bomb turns into a soft bomb waiting to be dropped and is thrown into a crowded area and cleans the area. Rainbow, on the other hand, turns into soft rainbow colors waiting to be thrown when used, and explodes the colors it touches when thrown.

Can you save the Yumos before they get stuck?

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