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Explanation for "Paint.IO" is one of the exciting and fun games. Collect all the achievements to conquer as many territories as possible and watch out for enemies! They are everywhere and coming for you!

The king with the most regions wears the crown. Collect points to unlock different skins.

"Paint.IO" How to Play

Use arrows to navigate up, down, left and right! When you leave your area, pay attention to your queue. If the enemy lands on him, you will die! Also, if you collide with your enemy, both your enemy and you will die.

You can choose to escape from your enemies or look for opportunities to kill them.

You can capture the empty territories or the territories of your enemies. When your enemies die by you or another enemy, its territory becomes empty. Each of your dead enemies will be replaced by new ones.

In the upper right corner, there is a ranking according to the region owned. To be first in the ranking, have the most regions and try to keep your regions. When you rank first, you will wear the king's crown.

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