The Smurfs Skate Rush

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Explanation for "The Smurfs Skate Rush"

Smurfs Skateboard Run is an endless running game starring cute blue cartoon characters. Gargamel's cat Azman is after you! Avoid overrun and avoid obstacles along the way. Strive to collect fruits and rewards. You can unlock new skateboards and characters through the Upgrade menu and collect rewards by completing quests and achievements in the Weekly leaderboard.

Play Smurfs Skateboard Run and guide these cute blue forest creatures to escape from Gargamel.

"The Smurfs Skate Rush" How to Play

Use the up arrow to slide on ramps and over logs or run over rails. Tap the down arrow to bend over and slide under wooden signs.

Dodge obstacles and collect fruits and trophy boxes as you dodge, jump, and jump between lanes while dodging Gargamel. You can improve your character and buy new skateboards with the fruits you collect in this fun 3D Smurfs Skateboard Run game. You can search for special icons to unlock other Smurfs characters such as Papa Smurf's red hat, Handy's pens or Strong Smurf's heart tattoo. Proceed until you find the magic portal to advance to the next level.

Check out the ranking button and try to complete the tasks there. Play to advance to the gold league on the weekly leaderboard and to be among the top fifteen on the highscore table.

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