The Smurfs Village Cleaning

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Explanation for "The Smurfs Village Cleaning"

The jester smurf left a gift pack in front of every house in smurfette village, and the packs exploded. All houses and furnishings were covered with dirt and soot. Some were broken. You have to help them in the Smurfs Village Cleanup game to restore the Smurfs village to its joyful old self.

"The Smurfs Village Cleaning" How to Play

Clean and rinse the dirty items with the cleaning tools that appear on the screen. Assemble the pieces of the broken items. To do this, use your mouse from your computer or use cleaning tools by touching the screen from your mobile devices.

Lather with a sponge, rinse in the fountain and then dry. After putting together the pieces of the broken items, hammer or glue them according to the type of item.

Get gifts for each house you clear and unlock items to decorate your very own house in your quaint village.

In order for the Smurfs to live happily in their village, they need your help to clean the houses one by one. Play Smurfs Village Cleaning game and make the smurfs happy.

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